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Activities & Classes

Child Doing Art Activity

Teremok Russian Preschool

The Russian Center is pleased to offer a State-certified, (License #384000793) Russian-English bilingual immersion preschool.

Classes include reading and writing in English and Russian, mathematics, science, music, art and gymnastics. Fluent Russian-speaking teachers closely follow a creative and exciting curriculum plan geared toward each child’s individual developmental readiness.

Children learn the foundations of developmental, academic, and artistic skills to prepare them for a productive transition to future educational success. Additionally, by immersing children in a bilingual and bi-cultural environment, they learn the foundations of bilingual literacy and awareness of the global diversity in traditions and customs.

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Children's Russian and Slavic Character & Folk Dance Classes

Embark on a rhythmic journey and discover the art of Character Dance and Movement! Join us for an unforgettable experience, where every step tells a story, and every move is a celebration of Slavic cultural diversity and richness.

Classes are designed for dancers of all levels, from curious beginners to passionate intermediate and advanced performers ages 6-14. Lessons are instructed by experienced professional dancers from globally acclaimed Slavic dance groups and trained at elite dance academies, ensuring students receive exceptional instruction and training.

Saturday classes now enrolling - join the dance family, make new friends,  and let the dance adventure begin!

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Children's Music & Theater Program

The Russian Center children’s music and theater program is designed to immerse young minds in the enchanting world of Russian and Slavic music, folklore, and performing arts, while developing their self-confidence and cultural awareness.

Our students explore the rich tapestry of Slavic music, from classical compositions to traditional folk songs, and learn the fundamentals of music appreciation. They journey into the heart of Slavic folklore through storytelling and theater, unleashing their creativity and imagination. Our experienced teachers promote self-awareness and confidence-building, cultivating each child’s unique potential.

Saturday classes now enrolling children ages 4-10 years old. 

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